Corporate Massage 

In - Office Massage 

Massage therapy can be an excellent incentive for businesses to provide to employees.  


Regular massage in the workplace can boost employee productivity, focus and overall positive morale.  


Through Massage Therapy Employers can provide a way to help employees manage the stress of their workload.  Massage in the workplace can work as an incentive to keep employees happy.  

Massage in the workplace can: 

  • Improve employee problem solving abilities 

  • Improve creative thinking Relieve fatigue 

  • Help Reduce Absences 

  • Reduce blood pressure 

  • Increase immunity to cold and flu

  • Prevent/treat pain and numbness associated with excessive keyboard & mouse use 

  • Lower day to day stress level

  • Decrease anxiety and hostility

Corporate massage programs can benefit your company by:

  • Increasing job satisfaction 

  • Enhancing employee hiring and retention 

  • Relieving the stress of deadlines 

  • Showing employees that they have their company's support

Whether you are looking to say "Thank you," "We apppreciate you" or are looking for a performance incentive; corporate massage may be something that your business needs.  

To inquire about scheduling a corporate massage event at your office,

please contact Holly at 815-545-5275

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